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Super Fun Sexy Times Vol. 1

by Meredith McClaren

Cartoonist Meredith McClaren (Hinges) tells five short, sexy stories featuring superheroes, supervillains, sidekicks, and the people who love them.
Showing consent and character-driven erotic relationships, Super Fun Sexy Times answers the age-old question: what happens when the mask comes off? 
Two sidekicks on opposite sides get stuck in an underground lab together, and find a great way to pass the time. A tactician and superhero discuss their desires, limits, and kinks before their first time, and perhaps get a little too excited in the process. A pair of supervillains explore gender and sex together, while growing closer in their relationship. Lesbian heroes try out a kinky rolepaying scenario, and discover how to make it work for both of them. And an exhausted assassin relaxes after a long day with the kind (yet firm) attentions of his husband.

6 reasons to read this book

*’graphic’ graphic novel, cute erotic art
*INCLUSIVE AF!! lgbt+!! actual GOOD representration of diversity of sexualities/genders/races
*discussions of sex, kinks, gender, sexualities, desires, limits! consent-focused character-driven stories.
*characters are superheroes, supervillians, sidekicks, lovers of superheroes/supervillians/sidekicks
*multiple POVs

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thank you to Netgalley, Meredith McClaren, Oni Press, Limerence Press for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review!

I should warn this is a review about an erotica graphic novel so if you think you might feel uncomfortable about that, just skip it and read some other of my reviews 🙂

I have to start by saying one of my favourite things in the world is superheroes, i love the superhero genre (and comics). And because of that I love reading graphic novels within this genre that’s outside the major companies (DC, Marvel, Image, etc. etc.) I have to admit though, I somehow missed this was going to be so explicit. That said, even if I generally don’t read graphic novels such as this, it was a delight to read. First of all it was not just focused on the “sexy”, the stories were well done, consent-focused, so at any point in my reading I didn’t feel as if I should stop because it was too graphic. All the stories were written beautifully, filled with good, healthy representations of all kinds of different (and i mean hella inclusive) couples exploring sex, sexuality and all the comes with. And, of course the writing was complimented by the very nice, cute art that somehow enhanced these adorable (steamy) stories.

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