"The job of a sensitivity reader is first and foremost to improve the literary quality of a book by steering the author away from one-dimensional portraits and clichés." - Dhonielle Clayton
To assess a book with the intention of improving it, and to listen to the voices of those outside of your own experience to make sure you’re doing them justice.

A sensitivity reader is someone who is hired to read and assess a manuscript with a particular issue of representation in mind, one that they have personal experience with. The author usually isn’t from that marginalized group, or doesn’t have direct experience of the topic they’re writing about, so a sensitivity reader is hired to assess the book.
A sensitivity reader, as someone who specialises through personal experience will be a critical eye and review the writing content for misrepresentations, bias, racism, or unintentional stereotypes.

  1. Sensitivity readers are not regular editors or censors.
  2. Sensitivity readers do not proof, look for holes in stories, or rewrite or delete content.
  3. Sensitivity readers simply read for offensive content, misrepresentation, or stereotypes, and point it out.
  4. The author of the content chooses whether to use their suggestions or not.

I have been asked a few times to read something for ‘accuracy’ or does it ‘read as someone who is Dominican’, and as the conversations with good, sensitive and appropriate representation expands I wanted to add my personal experience and expertise to provide help authors avoid cliches and harmful stereotypes.

I should disclaimer this with my experience as a light-skinned Dominican born in the capital city, living inside and outside the island is not foolproof guarantee but I will do my utmost best to not only spot harmful and offensive content.

That said, my expertise lies in:

  1. Dominican (Republic) representation
  2. Growing up in Dominican Republic and aspects of living in the Dominican Republic
  3. Dominican (Spanish) language and slang, mannerisms, beliefs, myths, food, culture
  4. Growing up in a conservative Dominican/Latinx catholic household
  5. Studying solely in Catholic/religious schools/universities
  6. Multilingual/Bilingual representation
  7. Demisexual/Asexual representation
  8. Anxiety/Social anxiety representation
  9. Going outside the country to “better myself” or “fulfill family expectations of work/job security”/Being a foreigner/studying abroad/Being an immigrant
  10. Applying for scholarships for postgraduate studies/Studying a Masters/PhD in United Kingdom
  11. Family expectations/pressures/complex family dynamics/being the youngest and “brightest”
  12. Caring for someone/Having a family with a degenerative disease
  13. Chronic knee problems

I should mention I am currently finishing my Phd in Education in the UK, I was a teacher back in the DR in primary schools, I can also provide accurate information on the schooling system, both in DR and in the UK.

My services include reading Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult and Adult and the following genres:

  1. Romance
  2. Historical Fiction (Romance)
  3. Science Fiction
  4. Fantasy
  5. Dystopia
  6. Retellings
  7. Mystery/Thriller/Gothic Horror
  8. Contemporary

I am happy to read a full manuscript of a book and comment on the following:

  1. Stereotypes
  2. Accuracy
  3. Microagressions
  4. Slang/mannerisms/Spanish corrections

I am also happy to do consultations about specific questions you have of a character(s), for this if you wish you can choose to show pieces of the writing, a paragraph or specific lines.

What I offer is a full careful reading of your work, you will get a 1 or 2 pages (depending on the amount of comments or suggestions) that will include general comments on the book, suggestions (and explanations why this or that might be a best way of dealing with this) and specific lines or paragraphs or reactions that might be harmful or insensitive to readers like me. This service includes any questions you might have after the report is handed in, I will be happy to answer anything that might not be clear or you would like further clarifying.
I have a flat fee for the sensitivity report (£30) and a per hour (£15) price depending on the amount of hours spent on reading the manuscript. In the case of a consultation, I will be charging a flat fee of £30 for 3 questions, this can be answered in as many emails as you need, any subsequent question will be £10. This will include any reading of paragraphs or lines of your manuscript.

As I am a starting newbie sensitivity reader this price is what I will be charging thus far, this may change in the future.
Due to location I will only be accepting Paypal payments, I prefer to be paid upfront for the Sensitivity Report (£30) in case of Sensitivity reading, and in the case of a consultation half of the fee, £15 will be requested upfront before answering emails.

If you are a latinx author or student, we can discuss discounts if you wish, please inquire about those in the body of the form below. I am very understanding with possible monetary issues and I am sure we can reach an agreement or find the best solution for you.

Contact me using the form below

Please include these details
*General synopsis of your book
*Genre of your book
*Word count
*Turnaround time (in the case you need the sensitivity report by a specific date, please consider I am on my last year of PhD and work part-time so less than three weeks might not be possible)
*Any other information you might feel is useful

I will generally reply in in 1-2 days. I do reserve the right to deny your request to read depending on how busy I might be and you reserve the right to ignore my suggestions.

And if you are happy with my services, I will probably ask you to provide a testimonial I can include here.

Nini is a very thoughtful and insightful reader. As a Latina living abroad she has a very unique lens which can be very valuable for authors looking for constructive feedback.

Adriana Herrera, Afro-Latinx Romance author

Nini is a wonderful sensitivity reader– her notes were clear, thorough, supportive, and very knowledgeable. She delivered the notes quickly and she caught issues other readers had not. I am so grateful for her insight. I highly recommend working with Nini!

Kate Brauning, YA author, Dovetail Fiction editor 

Working with Nini was a fantastic experience. She provided clear and constructive feedback that helped develop my character of Colombian heritage in an authentic and genuine way.  Her guidance helped shape the book into its final, polished version and I would recommend her to anyone who requires a sensitivity read. 

Rebecca Hefner, Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance Author