October Wrap up

Hi all,
I hope this October has treated you well.
I still need to decide my November reads so while I decide on that, here is my wrap up.

This October I participated in the #AceRace Readathon. It was a Readathon for all of October focusing on books with asexual protagonists. My picks were:

The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow
Can a girl who risks her life for books and an alien who loves forbidden pop music work together to save humanity?
Longer review upcoming but I loved this book so much, the setting, the character, the adventure, everything was just beautifully written

That Kind of Guy by Talia Hibbert
She wants a fake relationship. He needs something real.
Talia Hibbert is always an insta-read, insta-love for me. And this book in so many ways made me feel so seen.

Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria
Cassa, the orphaned daughter of rebels, is determined to fight back against the high council, which governs Eldra from behind the walls of the citadel. With her allies, no-nonsense Alys, easygoing Evander, and perpetually underestimated Newt, she uncovers the mystery of the final infallible prophecy, is it too late to save the city — or themselves.

This is another book that has been on my radar, I am using it both for LHM and the Ace Race, because why not

Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee
Natasha “Tash” Zelenka has gone viral, her modern adaptation of Anna Karenina is now on everyone’s mouth and even nominated for a Golden Tuba award, Tash’s cyber-flirtation with Thom Causer, a fellow award nominee, suddenly has the potential to become something IRL—if she can figure out how to tell said crush that she’s romantic asexual.

Such a fun book, I need to review it asap, there’s so much about it I loved it.

Not including those in AceRace, I read books for that were leftover from Latinx Heritage Month, spooky reads and some other mood reads.

Books read: 27
Books DNF’d: 0
Slowburn Books (that I didn’t immediately get caught up in): Leave the World Behind
Fave read out of the 7: It’s hard to pick because I had so many different reads this month, probably between Here the Whole Time, Cemetery Boys and Kingdom of the Wicked
Fave cover out of the 7: Beneath the Citadel
Genre most represented: 11/27 are fantasy but 14/27 are romance, so probably romance 🙂
Overall rating: There’s many I haven’t reviewed here but I think this month was pretty good in terms of whether I liked the books or not, o probably somewhere between 3.5 and 4.5

The UK will be on a lockdown from this Thursday until the first week of December, so I will probably have some more books to read. Tomorrow I will probably finalise my initial November Reads so I can have something to look forward to in this month lockdown.

4 thoughts on “October Wrap up

    • 🙂 Yes you do! She’s amazing and that Ravenswood series is sooo good! I’ve just finished reading her Dirty British Romance series and I also totally recommend it if you’re interested in kinda reluctant royal types


    • Honestly, this isn’t normal for me either haha I read at most 6-7 books a month, but October was very full with all the things I took a part in and I had a lot of downtime, so that helped….watch me go on a slump now haha
      Yay! yes please pick it up 🙂 It’s a book that doesn’t get talked enough to be honest

      Liked by 1 person

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