Upcoming 2020 YA Latinx Books and Beyond

On the last day of Latinx Heritage Month I thought why not promote upcoming YA books. While I would love to do an exhaustive list of ALL Latinx (YA, Adult, MG and picture books) that’s going to be released in the coming months and next year.
This was more of a last minute putting together this list in a whim because even though LHM is over after today, there’s still amazing and magical and funny and sweet and heartwrenching books upcoming to support and read.


🪐=science fiction
🍽 =foodie

  • 🌈💘MEET CUTE DIARY ​by Emery Lee (Quill Tree Books, 04/05/21)
  • ☀️INDIVISIBLE by Daniel Aleman (Little, Brown BFYR, 04/05/21)
  • 💭🔮ILLUSIONARY Hollow Crown #2 by Zoraida Córdova (Little, Brown BFYR, 11/05/21)
  • 🪐ALL THESE WARRIORS Monsters #2 by Amy Tintera (HMH, 13/07/21)
  • 🌈🔮A BEAUTIFUL DOOM (Grimrose Girls #1) by Laura Pohl (Sourcebooks Fire, 07/2021) – cover upcoming
  • 🔮CAZADORA Wolves of No World #2 by Romina Garber (Wednesday Books, 17/08/21)

I had a lot of fun this LHM, and I can’t wait to continue promoting, reading and reviewing more Latinx stories.

Any books from this list that you are looking forward to? I really can’t pick one I want to read more, oh wait Illusionary, I need that book in my life ASAP.
Did I miss any?

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